I Am NOT Your Average Bookkeeper!

I help you maximize your cash flow while keeping your books in check!



With revenue recording activities off your plate, you’ll have more time to focus on Revenue Generating activities!

Peace of Mind

You will have peace of mind knowing you have an expert securely watching over and managing your cash flow; an expert that is ready, willing, and able to assist you with your unique business needs.


Since you will always know where you stand with your income, expenses, and tax obligations, you will be able to set yourself and your business up for success!

Whether your business is new or old, it needs efficient accounting services for growth and sustainability. Having your books in top shape all year round is an achievement that can help your business function smoothly and provide grounds for making sound business decisions.

As your accounting needs will continue to grow with your business, it is imperative to pay careful thought to a long term and viable solution for this vital part of your business. We appreciate that you are considering giving Bookkeeper with Benefits the opportunity to take care of all your bookkeeping needs. We assure you by letting us be your professional bookkeeper, you will:

  • have availed the services of highly qualified, experienced bookkeeping
  • have more time to focus on revenue generating activities rather than revenue recording activities. and
  • saved resources to run your business

We appreciate the opportunity and look forward to collaborating with you to help your business achieve its highest level of success. We will prove, through our dedication and high performance, that you have purchased peace of mind in the guise of our professional bookkeeping services.

The Bookkeeper You Hadn't Thought to Know You Need

Does your bookkeeper proactively and efficiently look for ways to reduce your expenses?

Does your bookkeeper have the skills and resources necessary to proactively look for specialized tax incentives you and your accountant may be missing out on?

Can your bookkeeper assist you with an effective exit strategy when it’s time for you to move on and enjoy the fruits of your labor?

If you answered no to any or all of these questions, you need me!

Specialized Tax Incentives

Our resource team of over 100 industry specific Program Specialists, Tax Engineers, IP Attorneys and Financial Analysts allow us to deliver the most comprehensive engineering based tax studies and cost recovery programs to our clients.

We provide our clients with the highest industry recognized level of service and a single solution to capture the broadest range of federal, state and local tax credits and incentives. We structured our organization and processes to meet all of the challenges commonly experienced by companies attempting to capture financial savings and reinvest in their businesses with a focus on each client’s specific industry, circumstances and goals. Throughout each project our team works side by side with our clients, CPAs, and accounting staff to ensure a smooth integration of these lucrative tax credits. Completion of cost segregation studies, property tax recovery, energy tax incentive audits, hiring incentives, and manufacturing tax credit studies have yielded over $500M for clients to date. Our national team of industry experts will work with you to discover which services are right for your business, and can even provide a calculation of benefit that each service will yield.

Bookkeeper with Benefits has teamed up with the nation’s leading full-service stimulus consulting firm specializing in local, state and federal incentives. To date, we have assisted in securing over $500M through our custom consulting process.

Expense Reduction Savings

Use our 11 point expense analysis to identify and correct overcharges and billing errors in key areas such as Workers Comp Premiums, Credit Card Merchant Processing, Parcel Shipping, & Waste & Recycling.

Financial Services

Corporate Loan Services: We have partnered with select companies and individual experts in a variety of funding environments. 

Additionally, our Retirement Program is an amazing  alternative for business owners who are looking for a little something more than the traditional qualified plan. Think all the benefits of a qualified plan without all of the constraints.

Oklahoma businesses finally getting much needed relief

Through new laws passed by Congress and the quick action on the part of Crystal Patterson, a local business owner, thousands of businesses in Oklahoma are about to get the lifeline they need to come out the other side of the pandemic intact.
In the past weeks, President Biden has been encouraging businesses to take advantage of one of the largest tax credits created by passing new law; the Employee Retention Tax Credit.

This credit technically already existed for declared disaster areas throughout the U.S. In March 2020, the CARES Act assimilated the ERC into its relief package specifically for COVID. The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), signed in March of this year, expanded the credit further. To date, over 30,000 businesses have claimed more than $1 billion in ERC. Still, the Biden administration wants to increase awareness of the program and said the Treasury Department would release further guidance about the ERC this week.

What do you need to know?

For 2020 the ERC provides a refundable tax credit of 50% of up to $10,000 in qualified wages paid per employee for the year. That means eligible businesses can claim up to $5,000 per employee for last year. Previous to ARPA, if you took a Paycheck Protection Plan (PPP) loan, you could not receive ERC.
That is no longer the case. You can now take both. You have to be careful how you determine what wages you will allocate to each. ARPA expanded the ERC, making almost every employer eligible. It also extended ERC through the end of 2021 and increased the credit dramatically. For 2021, the ERC provides a refundable tax credit up to 70% of up to $10,000 in qualified wages paid per employee per quarter. This brings the total annual amount of the credit to $28,000 per employee for 2021. That is more than five times the credit!

How do you get the money?

The tax credit initially is applied against employment taxes for the business, offsetting most if not all liability in employment tax. What happens if your credit is more than you owe in employment taxes? The IRS sends you a check back for the difference! You can even apply for an advance on the ERC.

Are you eligible?

Eligibility for 2020 and 2021 is different. For 2020, businesses must have either experienced a full or partial shutdown of operations during the year because of COVID OR had a 50% or more decline in gross receipts in any quarter. You do not have to have experienced both of these qualifications but rather one or the other to qualify.

For 2021, businesses must have either experienced a full or partial shutdown or a more than 20% decline in gross receipts in any quarter. The devil is in the details… What does full or partial shutdown mean? How many quarters do I need to have seen a decline? What if I was only shut down for a few days or hours were cut? Does that qualify? What if I took PPP in 2020 or 2021? What if I have over 500 employees?
“It’s very complicated, even though it’s very favorable,” said Mark Steber, chief tax officer at Jackson Hewitt Tax Services. “Do not wade into this program without some competent help.”

Crystal Patterson has been appointed the local ERC Expediter for Oklahoma. They work along with Growth Management Group, which has been working for clients to claim tax credits for over 19 years. As experts in the Employee Retention Tax Credit, they help you determine the best way to compile your credit along with PPP loans or other incentives your company may have received or be eligible for. Here is a quick online tool they have developed to determine your eligibility and track your credits throughout the year. You can check now by clicking here.

You can also reach Crystal Patterson directly via email at crystal@bookkeeperwithbenefits.com.

Are your property taxes $30k a year or more?

Is your annual payroll $250k or more?

Did you have revenue prior to 2016?

Do you take credit cards?

Is your waste or recycling more than $300 per month?

Is your workers comp. premium over $40K per year?

If you answered YES to ANY of these questions…

YES! I said ANY, not all…


Emergency Relief for Business Owners

Tax law provisions are available to help you recover financially from the impact of a disaster.
By completing a quick survey, our software will search hundreds of Local, State, and Federal programs that fit your qualifications and help you claim your benefit.
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Affected by COVID-19? Emergency Employer relief is here.

$1,200 on Average for
Every Employee You Hire
$3,600 on Average for
Every Employee You Have
And, in some cases, even more!
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